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I Can't Accept the Licensing Agreement. What do I do?


If you are getting the error "This file can not be modified." when attempting to accept the license agreement then most likely you have installed the program into the wrong location on your hard drive.

By default the My Art Collection installer will install to your Documents Folder due to a security feature that Windows has that coverts all data files in the Programs folder to Read Only. Since My Art Collection requires a data file to be inside the application folder we require that you install the program outside o the Programs folder. 

To solve the problem please uninstall My Art Collection and reinstall the software and leave the default installation location to Documents. 


If you are getting the error that "This file can not be modified." then most likely you are attempting to open the program from the installer and not from your hard drive. The installer is read only and thus will give you this error. To make sure that you are opening the program from the correct location on your computer please review the instructions below and see if after following these the error is resolved. Please ignore the version numbers on these instructions as they may or may not be same as you have. 

Installing the My Art Collection 3.0

1. Locate the "My-Art-Collection-3v12-adv-HS.dmg” file on your computer and "double click" on it to open the installer. 
2. Once the installer is open please drag the folder on the left to the Applications folder on the right. This will install the program. 

3. Once you have done that please click the Red button in the upper left hand corner of this screen to close the screen.
4. Next please close the installer by clicking your finder button and clicking the eject button next to the installer name. 

Opening My Art Collection 3.0 Adv. 

1. To open My Art Collection 3.0 Adv please go to your Applications folder, locate the My Art Collection 3.0HS Adv folder and Double click the My Art Collection 3.0.12HS Adv file. This will open the program so you can use it. 

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